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How To Get The Best SEO Rankings Cork

All webmasters want their pages to receive the best possible placement in the main search engines. If you think that by designing a stylish looking website your pages will automatically receive a lot of traffic, you will be wrong. To get the best SEO rankings Cork, and therefore to get a high number of hits, your website will need to be optimized in a number of specific ways. You can hire a professional company to carry out this work on your behalf, but even if you are to outsource this task it is still in your interest to learn about what techniques are best used.

 SEO Cork

Links are an essential aspect of every SEO plan. The more links there are to and from your website, the better ranked your pages will be. The links used should be of a good quality, i. e., they should be to and from sites that are similarly themed as your own. There is special software that can be used exactly for this purpose.


Fresh and unique content is a guaranteed way of having a site viewed positively by a search engine. If your web pages were to be updated with new and interesting content on a regular basis, this will help improve your site's ranking considerably. A good way to do this is to have a blog on which posts are added every couple of days.


The speed at which your pages open will also have a direct impact on how well ranked they are. Those pages that are slow to load in a browser are penalized. This is an issue that the company your hire should have a focus on. Flash images and large graphic files will slow down load time.


Keyword density is another issue that has an impact on SEO rankings Cork. The use of specific keywords can help to raise your site's profile, but these should be kept below a density of 1 or 2 per cent. Overuse of certain words and phrases will have a negative impact.